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Running Board Installation Mesa

Cliff’s Welding is your East Valley headquarters for everything truck accessory. We have a wide selection of running boards that include the brands Aries, Weston, Raptor, and many more. So we are sure to be able to help you find running boards that will look great and get them installed on your vehicle. Running boards are a popular option for vehicles that have a higher ground clearance. Running boards are important because they improve looks, function, safety, and ease of entry.

What They Are

Running boards, or assist steps, are the metal surfaces that are attached to the sides of trucks and SUVs. Being installed lower than the floor of your vehicle they make entry a breeze. They come in a range of materials, styles, and looks. They provide both functional and visual benefits to the trucks they are installed on. They can run just under the doors to the vehicle, or can even extend all the way back to the rear wheels.

Why They Are Useful

Truck running boards are a great addition to your truck. They make it easier to get into, protect your vehicle, and help keep the mud, dirt, and debris from coming into the upholstered and carpeted floors of your vehicle.

Ease Of Entry

The most obvious purpose for the step is to make entry into vehicles with higher ride heights easier. Today’s trucks and SUVs are riding higher and higher. These vehicles can be a challenge to get into if you are not tall, if the ground is uneven, or if you are getting a little older. The steps are installed so they are lower than the floor of the vehicle and make it so entry is a snap. Heavy duty trucks tend to run even higher and can feel like climbing a mountain to get into.

Truck Protection

Running boards also offer some protection to the side of your vehicle.  There is all kinds of debris on the roads, like rocks, nails, sand and dirt. Running boards typically are installed so they meet up close to the front set of wheels. This means they provide a barrier between the road and the side of your truck.

Cleaner Vehicles

If you have ever been camping, hiking, or got thick mud on your shoes you know that it can be a challenge to clean off. Having running boards also offers a place to wipe, kick, and clean off our boots and shoes as we enter our vehicles. This helps keep the interior cleaner and help cut down on the need to clean out, vacuum, and have our vehicles detailed.

Visually Flattering

If nothing else the addition of running boards completes the look of a truck. With options in steel, chrome, and other attractive painted surfaces you can match your vehicle, and your personality. Make a statement with your vehicle and add some running boards that flatter the style and purpose of your truck or SUV.

Types Of Running Boards

Running boards come from different manufacturers and are made from a variety of materials. Different shapes, sizes, and materials are made to make various styles and looks. Installing running boards that are as visually attractive as they are functional helps add value to your vehicle.


Running boards come in all sorts of shapes. The shape can affect the visual appearance of the vehicle, but can also affect how functional they are. Wider, more flat steps are appropriate for harsh weather or elderly passengers. The wider the step and the addition of higher grip surfaces like rubber or traction areas makes vehicle entry safer.


The amount of vehicle the running board covers varies. Some running boards are simply steps that offer room for one foot to rest as you enter your vehicle. Other steps will run the entire length of the vehicle from the front wheels all the way back to the rear wheels. These longer “wheel to wheel” steps offer an easy way to enter the vehicle, and they offer a way to step up and reach into the bed of the truck.


Running boards can come in a variety of materials. They are available in diamond-plate steel, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and tubes that are commonly called nerf bars.