Choosing The Right Grille Guard For Your Truck

This article is meant to help in ”choosing the right grille guard for your truck”.  Cliff’s Welding of Mesa, AZ specializes in truck accessories, towing equipment, and welding. Quality grille guards can be more than just a upgrade to the look of your truck, but a serious tool in protecting your front end, radiator, and headlights.

Benefits Of Buying A Grille Guard

Grille guards are made to improve the looks of your truck but more importantly to provide protection and even mounting areas for auxiliary lights and wenches. When you drive rural areas and mountains it is easy to have wildlife like deer run out in front of your vehicle, or trees along off road trails, which cause damage to the grille, bumper, headlights, and even radiator.

  • A quality grille guard is designed to deflect and absorb this impact and energy to minimize the damage to your vehicle and help protect occupants.
  • Grille guards can be made to give your truck a unique and tougher look. Typically you can find grille guards in a variety of finishes like gloss black, chrome, matte black, and others which will match the style, color, and theme you might already have going on you truck.
  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can cover as much or as little as you wish. This means that whether you want to just cover the radiator area or would like to cover the full front end grille guards can follow the lines of your truck and appear to be a factory accessory.
  • Grille guards can also help give you places to install other useful accessories such as a wench to help you or someone out of being stuck, or even auxiliary lights that will help you when driving off road at night.

Choosing A Grille Guard Look

Grille guards generally make any truck or suv look more aggressive, tougher, and many times mean that the owner spends a lot of time off road or in the mountains. Choosing a grille guard finish that either matches, compliments, or contrasts your vehicle will change the look and its character.

Built for strength

Grille guards are built for function and for looks using various diameters of steel tubing which is bolted to heavy-duty uprights. One way to think of grille guards is thinking of them like the guard on a helmet that protects the face from impact while playing sports. You can even get full front end grille guards what cover the grille, radiator, and even extend out to cover your headlights.

Finished for looks

There is a variety of finishes grille guards are offered with, such as: chrome plated, stainless steel, powder coated, or painted with durable high gloss paints. Matching other style cues on your truck like running boards or wheels can help pull the truck’s appearance together and make it look seamless. It’s best not to pair up a chrome grille guard with black running boards, or vice versa.

Styles Of Grille Guards

Grille guards come in different configurations for different purposes and looks. They can cover all of the grill and headlights or less. They can also include lower sections that act as a skid plate for more serious off road adventures. Guards that cover the headlights or brake lights are made to help brush beat through denser areas where vegetation extends near or onto the trail or road.

Full Front End Grille Guards

Just like the name suggests the full front end grille guards cover the grille and headlights. These are constructed from 2 heavy duty uprights with protective means running horizontally over the grille and the headlights.

Center Grille Guards

A center grille guard covers a little lower than a full grille guard and only directly in front of the radiator. They provide protection and a place to install auxiliary lights. These guards do not offer protection for the headlights.

Sports bars & Nudge Bars

These guards are even lower than center guards yet typically cover the same width. They offer protection in low speed impacts. They do not offer protection for your grille or your headlights.

Bumper Guards

Rear bumper guards help protect the rear end of your vehicle from damage caused by distracted drivers, or while parked in parking lots where other drivers might not be as good at backing up.

Skid Plates

Skid plates are synonymous with toughness and off road performance. They help protect the sensitive parts that are located under the front of your vehicle. The skid plate can be installed alongside other guards and provides a greater level of protection and aggressive styling.

Tail Light Guards

If you spend enough time off road you are going to find some narrow passes and stubborn trees that whip back and hit your vehicle. Protecting your tail lights is as important as protecting your headlights. Keeping your vehicle legal and safe while driving is the priority of every motorist, and helps prevent being pulled over.

Grille Guards & Truck Accessories Mesa

If you’re looking to customize your truck to your professional or recreational activities Cliff’s Welding is your one stop shop.  We can help you choose and install the best grille guard for your truck and provide welding services to completely customize your rig for towing or any other type of activity.  To find out more about our truck accessories or how we can customize your truck or trailer give us a call or stop by our shop in Mesa, AZ.


How To Choose The Right Grille Guard For Your Truck – Guide To Towing & Truck Accessories 6 years ago

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Allen Robinson 6 years ago

Can you make a 500lbs bumper and grill guard that wi knock a vehicle off the road if I hit it? I live in a yuppie town in New Jersey where people tbink it is normal to pull out in front of other cars assuming they wi stop. I want something that will knock the offending vehicle off the road without damaging my pickup.
I like 1660 drill pipe and 2 7/8 oilfield tubeing.
I am serious as a heartattack about wanting this item.


Steve 6 years ago

Know what you mean , I totally smashed the front of one of my vehicle when a whitetail deer run in front of me here in oklahoma. Demolished it , now I have a heavy-duty brush gaurd on my Yukon, and don’t worry about the deer at all . Great investment, will never be without one now, nice site you have,.


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