Summer RV Storage

By craig braddick on Apr 30 in Driving a RV, Recreational Vehicles, RV Accessories.

De Winterizing an RV

If you need to store your RV in summer time here are some helpful hints:

It’s recommend to take a few minutes to treat those same wood products with an appropriate oil-containing wood treatment. Most simply wipe on with a rag, dry down, and wipe off the excess.

The sun can make a proper job of burning things up with UV rays. Outside, be sure to thoroughly cover your tires. Tires are best preserved when blocked from all light–so dark (black) covers that fully wrap around are best.

Inside your RV, textiles like furniture fabrics can also fade (or worse) when left in the sun. Even colorful curtains, supposedly meant to compete with the sun, can come looking bad. A good idea is reflective bubble insulation. The stuff comes on a roll and is basically a sandwich of thin plastic “bubble wrap” between layers of aluminum foil. Cut it to fit the windows tightly. Not only does it keep out those nasty UV rays, it also does wonders for keeping things much cooler.

Some folks like the idea of keeping a roof vent or two cracked open to keep excess heat from building up. As far as keeping “manual” roof vents open, we’re not to keen on the idea. Not only are they open when the rains hit, if a dust storm blows through, there’s no pressure from a fan blowing out of the house to prevent the dust from getting in.

Other things you’ll want to keep out are unwanted animals. In the desert southwest, ants are a major source of irritation and damage to any sort of foodstuffs you might leave behind. We’ve found that scattering bay leaves on cupboard shelves really does tend to send them scurrying elsewhere. Speaking of foodstuffs, if you keep your power on, you may find that tossing jars of sugar, flour, and other food items normally kept in the cupboards into the fridge (set “low”) will help preserve things. Be sure to use air-tight containers. Canned foods and sodas don’t do well left in the heat–keep ’em cool, or prepare to give the stuff away.

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