Benefits Of RV Solar Power

Today’s solar technology is the result of military and NASA research. For military and space applications a source of power was needed that had no moving parts that could fail, needed virtually no maintenance, and was reliable.

While born from utilitarian necessity the technology has now been made available for RVs. People who want to see the country in their RVs don’t want to be tied to wires, or have to stick closer to civilization. They want the power to head out into the wild, but still have the comforts of home.

Maximize Battery Life With Solar

When exposed to sunlight solar panels make DC power. This is the best type of power to recharge batteries. When batteries are quickly charged while plugged in to AC power they are prone to more wear. The quick system charges of lead-acid batteries dramatically reduce their lifespan. Solar battery charging has a slow and steady saturation of electrons. Properly designed and installed RV solar system can extend the lifespan of RV batteries by as much as double.

Solar Is Simple And Easy

There are no parts that move in an RV solar system. This means they run quiet; this makes daytime naps a dream while on vacationing in your RV. Solar panels are also green; they consume nothing but sunlight and have no exhaust. When your solar panels are installed on the top of your RV all you need is sunlight to start collecting power. Unlike your home you can choose a sunnier spot to get some energy.

RV Solar Is Low Maintenance

Unlike a lot of things we use, like a lawnmower, solar panels need virtually zero maintenance. There is no fuel to add, no oil to change, and no moving parts to wear out. The only maintenance they need is occasional cleaning to maximize the sunlight coming into the vehicle.

Solar Is Safe And Reliable RV Power

With professional RV solar power installation these systems are very safe. RVs usually operate on less than 30 amps, and 12 volts. With that lower draw system and professional installation there is virtually zero chance of fire or electrocution.

Freedom To Explore

Without an RV solar power system you are limited to where you can go, or you have to have a diesel powered generator. These generators are unbelievably loud and can ruin a quiet pristine location. If you’re looking to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city, don’t bring the noise with you. Solar also means not having to find a campground or location to park that has power facilities. Even if they have the power hookups, you won’t need them and won’t have to pay them the inflated prices for RV hookups.

RV Products & Installation In Mesa

Cliff’s Welding offers a variety of RV accessories. This includes advanced braking systems, rv solar panel installation, and portable generators. Solar power is one of the ways to make your recreational vehicle truly your weekend escape vehicle and not be tied down to the grid. Call Cliff’s today to get started at 480-832-0570.

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Joe and Alicia Holmes 5 years ago

I stopped by today and talked with Wes (Hi Wes) and he handed me his cell phone to speak with Shane. Thanks for your time Shane. My wife and I are interested in exploring the options with roof mounted solar on our 2016 30’ Airstream Classic along with potential upgrades to battery monitor (we just bought a Victron 712 still in the box) and potential converter/charger upgrade. (This is what I found on the internet re: 2015 and later Airstreams: Pre-wired
All current Airstream trailers are pre-wired for Solar panel (s). Pre-wired means the 12 Volt wires and Cat 5 cable are installed during the production process and terminated at precise locations. Since the trailers are pre-wired, solar panels can easily be added at any time.). We are full-timers, so if we do determine to proceed with the work, we need to dial-in the time frame so we know what to expect. Not to rush the work. We want it done right and done well. But to somewhat know what to expect.


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