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If you are searching google for “Truck Accessories Phoenix”, near me you are more than likely in the market for a tonneau cover, truck running board, or other quality truck accessories.

Truck Accessories

When you buy a truck it is equipped for just about anybody who would need a truck, any place in the country. Getting the right combination of truck accessories makes your truck more useful, better organized, and customized to fit your needs. Here are a couple of the most popular truck accessories in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pickup Truck Tonneau Covers

The bed of your truck gets put to work for you, but usually not every single day.  A tonneau cover keeps out dirt, dust, and rain. All of these factors wear away at the inside of your truck’s bed. If you use your truck bed and need to transport items that need to stay dry you will appreciate not having to worry about the elements when you leave.

Although there are many tonneau covers to choose from here are a couple of the main ones:

    • Folding Tonneau

Perhaps the most liked style of tonneau cover in the industry, some tonneau covers you see will be folding.  This will include the favored tri-fold tonneau cover that folds into 3 individual sections. Some types of these tonneau covers can actually have 3 or more folding points.

  • Solid Tonneau

Solid Tonneau covers commonly hinge at the front of the trucks bed and lift to provide space to crawl underneath and either load or unload your trucks bed. These are great for those who don’t plan on hauling larger items or desire a more water resistant tonneau cover.

  • Roll Up Tonneau

Roll-up tonneau covers come with a variety of benefits, including flexibility, toughness, and protection. When these types of covers are opened, roll-up covers allow more access to your bed than any other cover because they don’t affect the length of the bed. Soft roll-up covers offer inexpensive protection, while the hard roll-up covers makes the bed more protected than its cab.

  • Retractable Tonneau

A retractable tonneau cover provides unmatched style and security. Tough, retractable covers open and close with ease allowing easy access to your truck bed. A retractable tonneau cover retracts into itself at the front of the truck bed. It is very similar to a roll up cover it just has a different way to do it. Some of these also can be opened and closed using a remote.

Running Boards

Hopping in and out of your truck is easy when you are younger. Not everyone you take on as a passenger in your pickup is going to be energetic and agile and ready to simply jump up in the cab. Running boards provide a safe step for people to climb into the cab of the truck. They come in different styles like nerf bars that are tubular, flat running boards that are wider or even separate steps. Some truck running boards also come retractable and will lower when you open the door.

Grill Guards

People who spend a lot of time camping in their truck or driving forest highways appreciate having a grill guard. The metal extends from the frame and protects the radiator and headlights, or it can even be a total bumper replacement. You can usually get the grill guard in chrome, or you can get it in black or even color matched to your truck. Some grille guards even come with integrated lights.

Bed Liners

The bed of your truck comprises of metal (or aluminum) and paint, like the rest of your truck. It is designed to hold weight, but all in all it is still just a thin layer of paint over metal. As you use your truck bed there are going to be scrapes and scratches. Getting a bed liner, be it spray in or drop in protects your truck bed from damage.  Some drop in types of bed liners will be specifically designed for your model of truck. The bed liner will also protect your bed from the elements.

Truck Toolbox

Sometimes your job will call for the use of your tools, having your tools handy in your truck is a necessity. Having a truck tool box means no more rolling around tools and will help keep them organized so when you need them they will be right where they need to be. There are many types of tool boxes to choose from, from over the rails, to underneath a tonneau cover. Some even come with auxiliary fuel cells.

Headache Racks

Getting the ideal headache rack for your truck can ultimately change its look in a heartbeat. A lot of headache racks are designed to make your truck’s cab look cool while guaranteeing the rear glass is shielded from the outside elements. Headache racks can be custom made specifically for your truck.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps aren’t only for the vehicles following you they are the law in a lot of states. They help keep debris from floating up into the windshields of fellow motorists. Mud flaps also can be very effective in keeping your trucks paint and trailer clean. A mud flap is usually made from a pliable material like rubber that won’t be damaged by contact from road debris, the tire, or the road itself.

Cargo Tie Downs

There are typically a couple of places you can hook straps or rope to when you are moving cargo with your truck. Tie-downs fit into various locations in the bed and lock into place. This gives you better flexibility and extra points to tie down to. Your cargo will be more protected and have less chance to break away or damage the bed of the truck.

Towing Accessories
Transform your car, truck or SUV into a legitimate hauler with our rugged trailer hitches and towing accessories. Whether you’re taking your jet skis down to the beach or hauling horses around your ranch, or simply mounting bikes on the back, our trailer accessories make towing safe and easy.

Phoenix Truck Accessory Experts

You may be looking to spruce up the look of your truck or you may need accessories for your job or lifestyle, just know the truck accessory experts at Cliff’s Welding, Inc. has your back. Call Cliff’s Welding, Inc. at 480-832-0570 for more information. Or you can visit our showroom located in Mesa, Arizona.


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